Today it was announced that the name change.Haiti B2B List  Of ihop responds to a marketing strategy to promote. A new line of hamburgers to which the fast food chain. Wendy’s quickly reacted with a peculiar. Tone through social networks. Over the past week ihop surprised its fans with a change. To its name and logo. The “P” in its name would have been replaced by a “B.A modification that predicted the arrival of new products. After much speculation today it was revealed that. The movement responds to a marketing strategy to promote a new line of hamburgers.To which the fast food chain wendy’s quickly reacted with. A peculiar tone through social networks. The brand of the girl with the red pigtails published a message. From its official twitter account in which. With a certain tone of irony and hostility, it referred to the. Name change made by ihop. The message is clear.

Old and Thought Changing Your Name to Thunder Bearsword

Would be super cool. Like this but our burgers are still better.  Haiti B2B List  the message soon generated reactions among the followers.With what you have now,the publication adds more than. A thousand comments 5.8 thousand retweets and more than 28 thousand likes. Some users described the fast food. Chain’s response as “Mean”, to which the firm replied with the same tone. A situation that took the conversation to another level to such. An extent that some users directly questioned the company. If I would stand idly by at what ihop has done to enter a field. To which wendy’s has belonged for decades. It was right at this point that hostility swept over. Wendy’s community manager given her response.”I’m not afraid of burgers from a place that decided pancakes were too difficult a subject.

Remember When You Were Like 7 Years

Haiti B2B List

The peculiar response generated 2.1 thousand comments.Haiti B2B List  45 thousand retweets and more than 120 likes. The attack was so frontal that ihop had no choice. But to join the conversation with a simple post in which they. Made it clear that all they want is to “Share our meat with the. World.” the discussion ended here with a message from .Wendey’s that attempted to smoke the peace pipe by offering. A “welcome to the neighborhood. However the blow to ihop was already given and the amount. Of ridicule and other comments related to how difficult .It can be to make pancakes were immediate. This is not the first time that wendy’s has sought a way. To lament and warm up among its competition through social networks.A phenomenon that already places it as a leading brand in this area.An issue that could be a good marketing strategy for .The signature. Why does he do this.


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