avoided to safeguard health. López-Gil and Malaysia Email List Pedraza (2016) comment on some benefits of collaborative writing, considering online work. Benefits of collaborative remote writing In the first place, collaborative writing shows a pronounced Malaysia Email List epistemic potential , that is, it encourages learning about the language, collective work and knowledge of content belonging to various disciplines. For example, a person can take advantage of the Malaysia Email List knowledge of colleagues who come from different disciplines (students of Industrial Engineering, Mechatronics, Civil, etc.). It is, therefore, a very productive feedback of knowledge for all team participants. Second, it.

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facilitates progress in the management Malaysia Email List of telematic tools (from Microsoft Office to interactive tools such as Google Drive) and in remote writing practices . For example, essential skills are strengthened such as team time management Malaysia Email List(how do I coordinate a work schedule with my group?), Editing (who knows better the virtual tools and what can I learn from him / her?), hierarchy and decision-making (based on what criteria do we Malaysia Email List decide which aspects go or not in the final product?), negotiation of meanings (how do we reach an agreement?), and, in general, text logics contemporary digital. So how can collaborative writing be done remotely? It is necessary.

Malaysia Email List
Malaysia Email List

to remember that, while teachers, authorities Malaysia Email List and parents forged their collective learning around pre-specialization, the new generations have the advantage of being able to add, to this dynamic, the facilities of digital tools, which are particularly Malaysia Email List relevant in this times. Among the main benefits are the immediacy of the platforms, the great bibliographic diversity (the Internet provides immense access to repositories, libraries, databases that Malaysia Email List host indexed journals, digitized books, among others) and the socialization of ideas ( can constantly debate with the group thanks to online platforms). The latter is especially relevant in these times.

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