However after at least the first 45 minutes of the game. Messi did not appear on the field a situation. That various users on social networks. Noted and noted. The argentine team lives its second match. In the 2018 russia world cup against croatia. A confrontation in which it was expected to see a unique. Sample of one of the most relevant celebrities of the tournament: lionel messi. However, after at least the first 45 minutes of the game. The barcelona star did not appear on the field. A situation that various users on social networks noted and noted. The absence became even more evident if we consider. That many brands and media opted to join the conversation of the meeting.

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Who has remained one of the most profitable. Cyprus WhatsApp Number Marketing Lists Personal brands of recent times. According to the cies football observatory. Leo messi is worth 202 million euros a figure 2.5 times higher than the 80.4 million euros owned by cristiano ronaldo’s brand. After a missed penalty in the debut match of the argentine squad. Much has been speculated about the considered “Poor performance” of messi. A situation that for many brands that have used the striker as an image represents a decline. The situation is further complicated by a score that.Albeit partially favors the croatian team.

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The publication is ingenious. Although we do not know if it is the most correct. Beyond the fact that various media have made. Reference to the gross error of the argentine goalkeeper. Beyond the memes and the controversy in social networks and the media. Here the image of the argentine team ended up affected. Considered one of the strongest on the planet and aspiring to win the world cup. In addition there are interests with the brands that could be affected. Adidas would lose one of its strong cards and. If lionel messi does not continue in the world cup. Both the german firm and gatorade would lose one of their main brand ambassadors and with. It.Exposure. Media and digital.

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