Wrong. This is perhaps the fastest way to end a relationship before it even begins. Growing your list organically through single or double signup forms is the foundation of a healthy email list AND relationship. If you cut corners and buy a list or send to people who haven’t signed up, you’re spamming them, plain and simple. By buying a list, you run the risk of sending a number of unqualified leads, or even worse… bogus and malicious email addresses. When deciding how to build their list organically, marketers go back and forth between single and dual signup methods. Personally, we love our email subscribers and want to make sure they love us back. This is why we practice the double opt-in method in our lead generation efforts. And, sentiments aside, MailChimp tested this theory and found that double.

Opt-ins Improved Their Email Statistics to Do This Mailchimp.

Took a random sample of 30,000 users in its database. Who had sent at least 10 campaigns to see if the double opt-in method. Improved their email marketing statistics. Ignore the power of a good winger. In effective email marketing, an esp needs to come between you and your. New subscriber if you want the Sweden Phone number relationship to grow. How esps optimize your messaging efforts: allow customization. At scale provide detailed reports offer pre-made responsive and creative templates improve delivery. An esp has employees dedicated to keeping up to date with. The latest can-spam laws, going along with isps, and helping maintain your sender reputation. And inbox placement. In addition to saving you headaches.

Esps Help You Improve Your Results on All Levels.

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MailChimp, a popular ESP just mentioned, has documented how one email sender, Photojojo, switched to MailChimp from their in-house solution and had fantastic results. Don’t think of an ESP as a restriction on your style, think of it as the email guru you need to form a deep connection with your new prospect. Show up looking like a hot mess Sending an email that looks terrible on whatever mobile device or email client your new subscriber is using is like showing up on a first date with disheveled hair or wearing sweatpants.

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