Neil Patel This squeeze page on Neil Patel’s Macedonia Phone Number List site is a much better offer because everyone who comes to his site is looking for one thing: more traffic to their website. So it’s a much better match.[*] In addition to being relevant, it has Macedonia Phone Number List to be a no-brainer. I probably won’t give up my email for some one-page generic guide. But I might do it to unlock the rest of the videos in a series I’m already engrossed in, for example. Make it so Macedonia Phone Number List good they can’t ignore you! SQUEEZE PAGE ELEMENT #2: A KILLER HEADLINE Your headline is likely the only thing most of your site visitors will read. So it has to be big, bold, and enticing. Otherwise, you’ll lose your

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visitors before they even know what you’re Macedonia Phone Number List offering. For example, take a look at this squeeze page on my friend Jacob McMillen’s site:[*] Squeeze Page: Screenshot of squeeze page on Jacob McMillen The first thing you see is his headline: Build a Six-Figure Freelance Writing Business In The Next 12 Months. It’s a BOLD statement. But I’ll be Macedonia Phone Number List damned if it doesn’t grab your attention! It works so well because: It’s big, bold, and stands out. It makes a seriously strong promise. If you believe what he says, signing up is a no-brainer. If Macedonia Phone Number List your offer is great, writing a great headline is easy. Just tell your visitors exactly what they’ll get when they sign up. If that doesn’t

Luxembourg Phone Number List
Luxembourg Phone Number List

sound enticing, then your offer probably isn’t good Macedonia Phone Number List enough. Go back to step one. SQUEEZE PAGE ELEMENT #3: AWESOME SECONDARY COPY In the previous example, you saw that Jacob has some secondary copy after his headline. This Macedonia Phone Number List extra copy is your chance to tackle objections and give some more information to seal the deal for the visitors who read beyond your headline. Think of it this way: Your headline is your Macedonia Phone Number List billboard, while your secondary copy is your salesman on the phone when they call the number on your billboard. Here’s an example from Formilla:[*] Squeeze Page: Screenshot of squeeze page from Formilla Their approach is one

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