Jill Quick is an analytics consultant and co-founder of The Coloring in Department. Most importantly, she is passionate about everything she does and it was a great pleasure to sit down with her for an interview. This conference turned out to barely cover SEO, but I guarantee it’s worth it! What does your daily life consist of and how does it relate to SEO? Well, my work is not directly related to SEO. Since the start of the pandemic, the services I traditionally offer have changed. For now, I would call myself an analytics consultant. I mainly train, consult and create documents mainly related to the migration from G3 to G4 internally for major brands. I also do a lot of audits and reviews on Google Analytics.

If I Work Directly With Brands I Also Collaborate With Several.

agencies as a freelancer. They contact me in case of overflow. With this kind of work, I have almost no contact with clients. I also work on the side, developing my own GA4-themed training materials. I’m lucky to Nepal Phone number have enough paid work to free up my time to work on what motivates me. Simply put, people often want to understand what the numbers say. So I check and explain, using the numbers as a model to justify marketing tactics. What is your favorite part of the job? What I love most about my job is working with small brands.

Not Big Companies With All the Money I Like to Give.

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the opportunity to small teams to acquire skills and experience that they could only acquire in large companies. It’s wonderful to give them tools and skills and a pathway to accomplish great things. This kind of work is much more rewarding because with big companies I know they will be fine regardless. I still get emails from people I taught a long time ago; they say they remember my lectures and advice, they tell me how it impacted their work, and they always ask for help.

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