After the historic game against germany. In which the tricolor beat the teutons 1-0 yesterday. Maradona seems to back down and praises. The mexicans. The same day that fifa announced that the. 2026 world cup would be hosted by canada. The united states and mexico the designation had an impact at all levels. There were many pronouncements in this regard. Including that of diego armando maradona. The argentine said that. “there is no passion. The canadians will be good skiers the united states. Wanted to do four 25-minute halves for the publicity. Here mexico wins when it does not deserve it.

Said the former argentine soccer player

Mexicans arrive in brazil or germany.  Buy Nepal WhatsApp Numbers  As happened to me and. Pumbaa get out! My dream job. The soap bubble artist users on. Social networks and the media reacted immediatel.Y to the footballer’s statements. However after the historic game against germany . In which the tricolor beat the teutons 1-0 yesterday. The argentine seems to retract and praises the mexicans. “germany didn’t give him anything. But mexico knew how to solve all the problems. On the field and what a counterattack. If mexico becomes 50 percent as precise as it was in the middle of the field.

In the german area, we would be talking

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About a 3-0 or a 4-0″, detailed the mythical number. 10 to argentine television. He added that guillermo ochoa proved to be a real “wall.“(he is) a goalkeeper (memo ochoa) I have been. Seeing him since américa played against arsenal (from sarandí)”. The palparas of the best argentine player in history. Have enormous weight in international football. Due to his career, but this time it is an example of how a brand like. That of the national team can grow from one moment to another. Resulting in a impressive echo from world leaders.After the historic game against Germany, in which the Tricolor beat the Teutons 1-0 yesterday, Maradona seems to back down and praises the Mexicans.

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