When you’re running a reasonably successful Angola Email List business, you don’t want to change your core tools like your email marketing system or your help desk or your online commerce platform. The risks of goofing up are too high. That’s why I ducked Angola Email List all attempts at trying Helping for nearly a year. Helping is a help desk / support management platform. Vinod David – the founder, is a WordPress veteran and a long time friend. He kept on Angola Email List inviting me to try Helping and I kept on giving him one or the other excuse. My real reason was that I didn’t want to cause unnecessary troubles for our team and our customers. Today, I thank Vinod for being.

We were up and running within five minutes

persistent! Why? Because my team Angola Email List freaking loves Helping now!! A little backstory first.. We started our products business in 2009, with building extensions for ACTIVE Collab – a project management solutions. We created an Angola Email List extension that allowed using the task management module within ACTIVE Collab as a help desk! Yes, it grew out of our own needs, ACTIVE Collab had great foundation, and our add-on became Angola Email List successful pretty quickly. I personally don’t like help desk systems that felt like robots.. And our system felt more like one-to-one communication for the customer. We’ve been using that same “transparent help-desk.

Angola Email List

Our support team’s productivity is higher

system all these years. What was wrong with Angola Email List our earlier support desk system? There was no significant problem actually. The old technology platform did make the system a bit slow and searching things was hard. But it worked flawlessly and the Angola Email List team was really comfortable with it. So we didn’t really have any major “incentive” to search for an alternative. That’s what I was referring to at the start… If a tool is working good enough, there is huge Angola Email List reluctance to try any alternatives. So what changed? Why did we try Helping? We’d been tracking Helping from the start, and we’d seen some demos. We liked how the product was maturing.

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