(I’m guilty of this) to find Sweden Consumer Email List opportunities. Things like: [keyword] “write for us” [keyword] “guest post” [keyword] “guest post guidelines” And so on The problem with this is everyone’s doing it. It’s incredibly competitive. These Sweden Consumer Email List blogs get requests from thousands and thousands of people. Enter Ahrens. Ahrens is my favorite SEO tool, and pretty much the only one I use these days. To find less-competitive guest posting Sweden Consumer Email List opportunities, I use a neat feature called “Content Explorer.” Ahrens The content explorer is basically a search engine for web content. Enter any keyword, and you’ll get a huge list of webpages that mention that.

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keyword. Let’s try it for “dog food.” Write the Sweden Consumer Email List keyword into the search bar and select “In title” from the drop-down next to it. This will ensure that only pages that contain the keyword in the title tag are harvested. Here’s what that Sweden Consumer Email List looks like: Using Ahrens content explorer searching keyword “dog food” You can see there are over 150,000 results. What you want to do now is trim this down by removing duplicate Sweden Consumer Email List domains, like this: over 150,000 results about “dog food” Now we’re down to 34,236 pages, the majority of which are part of individual blogs. Simply hit “Export” and you now have a list of 34K+ websites to pitch guest posts.

Sweden Consumer Email List
Sweden Consumer Email List

You can further narrow this list down Sweden Consumer Email List with the “Sort by” filter function. Remember the exercise to determine blogs you’re comfortable writing for and the threshold you set for it? Filter your list by “Domain Rating” so that you Sweden Consumer Email List only have a list of blogs you’re comfortable pitching. Although this will trim your list significantly, you’ll still have a pretty extensive list. My process to continue narrowing down the number Sweden Consumer Email List of sites is to take batches of 100 prospects from the list and work through them manually to see if they’re a good fit. I don’t have any specific criteria for manually filtering them, but I’ll read through some of the posts on the prospect’s

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