Billion daily active users endorse it.  Founder Email Lists It is indisputable that Facebook is the social network. With the greatest reach in the world. Its more than 2.2 billion users, of which more than 1.45 billion daily active users . Endorse it. In addition the platform founded by mark Zuckerberg. Is one of the main channels in which brands. Invest in advertising only during the first quarter of this year it reported income for 11 thousand 795 for this concept. However this does not mean that Facebook is. A watchtower against any risk or threat . The Cambridge Analytica scandal. The proliferation of fake news. The issue of bullying and suicides.

It Is Indisputable That Facebook Is the SoCal

The discrepancies in the metrics for advertisers have had a certain impact. And if we add to this that although according to the study . Founder Email Lists  The digital future in perspective. Carried out by comScore this social network still dominates the time that users invest in this type of platform, there are many studies that warn that this trend could change in the future. It is enough to take a look at the recent .Study carried out in the united states by the pew research center. In which among the conclusions it is highlighted that generations. Such as z or postmillennial and generation t or. Touch are not so interested in Facebook. The study shows that users between 13 and. 17 years old prefer Instagram (72 percent) and snapchat (69 percent. Fb lags behind with 51 percent. The interesting thing is that YouTube -although it is not a social.

Network With the Greatest Reach in the World

Founder Email Lists

Network- is the platform that most attracts adolescents (85 percent. Founder Email Lists For this reason Facebook does not want to throw .In the towel and before the apocalypse arrives. It will make more changes (than it has already done. And these are the ones that brands and users should be aware. Of: goodbye trending topics the social .Network reported that it will eliminate the trend. Box also known as trending news that appears. Or appeared was currently active in some countries. NeXT to the fact of the dashboard news. Apparently everything is an impact of the proliferation. Of fake news and the multiple. Criticisms that the social network received. This painting will disappear next week. Breaking news arrives in its eagerness to recover.

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