secondary ideas, which are then specified until Laos Email List their link to the main issue is made explicit and clear. From the outline that follows, you can build a paragraph of development that applies the strategy of cause and consequence. 1. Causes of Laos Email List environmental pollution 1.1. Use of fossil fuels in industries 1.1.1. Carbon dioxide emanation 1.1.2. Lack of green areas to counteract carbon dioxide 1.1.3. Carbon dioxide build-up in the atmosphere 1.2. Excessive use of plastics 1.2.1. Excessive use of plastic in everyday products 1.2.2. Plastic Laos Email List decomposition time 1.2.3 Plastic build-up in the oceans As can be seen, the main topic of this.

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paragraph is posed as a problem with Laos Email List various causes. It is important to delimit the main idea in this way, since this clarifies how the relationship of secondary ideas to it should be understood. Likewise, it is possible to observe how tertiary Laos Email List ideas particularize the subtopic of the secondary idea and redirect it towards the central theme. The outline, then, has a suitable structure, but how would the wording be carried out? To express Laos Email List cause and consequence relationships, two types of elements can be used. On the one hand, it is possible to use logical connectors. On the other hand, verbs and referents can be used to construct causal

Laos Email List
Laos Email List

or consequence expressions. Both elements are Laos Email List relevant for the construction of a paragraph, although some necessarily establish subordinations between sentences, while others can start a sentence. The following is the paragraph Laos Email List corresponding to the scheme proposed above. The main causes of environmental pollution around the world are twofold. First of all, this social problem is caused by the excessive use of fossil fuels. These Laos Email List products, which come from the fossilization of living beings, need to be turned on to produce energy. As a result , they emit a large amount of carbon dioxide (CO 2 ), a gas that is extremely harmful to most

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