outreach campaign. It’s also one of the South Korea Email List most challenging and competitive components. Most people overlook this step and don’t spend enough time researching their prospects to ensure they understand their South Korea Email List prospects’ needs and nail their positioning. How do you find and build your list of prospects? How do you ensure you don’t run out of prospects? Before I answer those questions, let’s take a step back to clarify the types of blogs you’ll be targeting. And it’s not the industry or niche you’re in that’s South Korea Email List in question. The real question is…which blogs are you comfortable writing for? Think about it like this: getting featured on a.

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massive publication like the New York South Korea Email List Times is a LOT more difficult than getting featured on a local publication. The same goes for any industry you’re in. There are blogs that are the Crème De La Crème of the industry, average South Korea Email List blogs, and junk blogs that exclusively spew out garbage. To identify which of those buckets the prospective blogs belong to, check for a metric called Domain Rating (DR) using a tool such as South Korea Email List Ahrens. Domain Rating (DR) using Ahrens Source: Ahrens The quality of the blog that you target will depend on your skill level, your industry reputation, and the ranking of your site. If you’re just starting out and your.

South Korea Email List
South Korea Email List

reputation is non-existent, it’s difficult to South Korea Email List successfully target the most authoritative blogs in your industry. Here’s an exercise to do before building your prospect list: Determine the quality of blogs you’re comfortable guest posting on. Set South Korea Email List parameters (minimum DR) on the blogs you’ll be targeting. List the keywords you’re trying to rank for, as these will determine the blogs you reach out to and the potential anchor text you’ll South Korea Email List be using for your backlinks. Following that massive preamble, let’s get into how you can start finding and building your prospect list. Most guides on guest blogging will tell you to use search queries

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