. To stimulate the publication and creation of content with music and video. Uganda B2B List The objective is simple. To recover the attention of users and attract more brands. Although it is not going through its best moment. -in terms of public image- facebook does not cease in its strategy of monopolizing. The attention of users and advertisers as long as possible. We know that the platform co-founded by mark zuckerberg. Is beginning to lose (a lot) the interest of users who belong to the young.Er generations such as generation z or postmillennial and generation t or tactile. However, they do not intend to give up and go in search of these audiences.

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A recent study carried out in the united states by the pew research. Uganda B2B List  Center highlights among its conclusions that generations such. As z or postmillennial and generation t or touch are not as interested in facebook. On tuesday, facebook unveiled new features designed to spur music. And video publishing and content creation. – perhaps part of the benefit of partnerships with some record labels. Here are the things you should know about what the social network presents.Video with music for a long time there has been an issue that has. Been debated in the digital world about music that has copyright or distribution. Rights and is used to create content. This is what facebook wants to respond to.

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Now, with this function it tries to allow users to create and publish videos. Uganda B2B List Of any moment they want to share with the peace of mind of using. Licensed music. Remember that the social network works in various. Alliances with some record companies such as universal music group. mg warner music group and sony music group. With this function they are testing in several markets. But the intention is that it will be extended globally in the future, according to Tamara hryvna. Director of music business development & partnerships. In a post on the Facebook blog. Lip sync live we know that Facebook often takes. Functions and tools present in other applications to implement them. (something that it also does with Instagram). It seems that this is the case with lip sync live.

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