You might be surprised by the results! This image shows an Instagram story offering discounts. Image credit: Clizia Leone 16. Start a series One of the. Reasons consistency is so important on Instagram is because people love predictability. That’s why arranging your content is so beneficial – it helps you stick.  By the way, Sked can help you! Consistency places a huge burden on users and Instagram’s algorithm, and it’s worth considering starting a regular series on your Instagram Stories. Let’s take Bustle as an example.

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We’ve already talked about their “Be My Guest” series, where various people take their followers to visit their homes. They also have their “Beauty Call” line, where two Bustle employees introduce different beauty products. Think about the Belgium Phone Number series you can start with your own account. It will keep your followers coming back more often while also keeping you on a more consistent posting schedule. The first image in a series of content. This image shows how to schedule Instagram Stories. 3. To create a story post, go to the Upload Posts dashboard, select your Instagram account, and select Stories in the.


Upload Media menu on the left side of the screen . Upload an image or video to use from your computer, Google Drive/Photos, Dropbox, Instagram URL or Canva . Click “Continue” . Story upload. 4. Once the upload is approved, click Continue to proceed with image editing. 5. Select the desired crop by moving the preset Story dimension crop as desired. Magic Crop uses Sked’s full-featured photo editor to make the final edit to your post by clicking (the pencil icon). Add text, filters, emojis, Instagram-like stickers, and more with a single click to editThe image shows the Sked photo editor.

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