Them) 5 Step #5: Manually Remove Any Latvia WhatsApp Number List Canned-Response Email Subscribers (Optional) How To Tell If You’re Successful (And Keep Your List Clean) WHEN SHOULD YOU SCRUB YOUR EMAIL LIST? Before you spend any time scrubbing your list, how do you know if you even need to? The three signs you should clean your list are: A drop in your Latvia WhatsApp Number List open or clickthrough rate. An unusually high number of unsubscribes on your recent campaigns compared to previous ones. An increase in spam complaints on your email sends. If you’re Latvia WhatsApp Number List noticing these things, it’s time to clean your list. Even if you aren’t seeing these signs, but you have a high bill from your

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ESP, you can save money by cleaning your Latvia WhatsApp Number List list. Plus, a clean list means higher open rates, more clicks, and, ultimately, more Latvia WhatsApp Number List sales. So it’s never really a bad idea! 5 STEPS TO CLEANING YOUR LIST STEP #1: SEGMENT YOUR LIST INTO ACTIVE AND INACTIVE The first step is to segment your list into two parts: People who have opened an email from you in the last 90 days. People who haven’t. Anyone who hasn’t Latvia WhatsApp Number List opened an email from you in the last 90 days is considered a “cold” subscriber. They’re not engaging with your emails and have a higher chance of being dud or spam trap emails, or are recipients who are simply no longer

Latvia WhatsApp Number List
Latvia WhatsApp Number List

interested in what you have to offer. Segmenting Latvia WhatsApp Number List your list is usually pretty easy with most ESPs. For example, if you have ConvertKit, go to your Subscribers page, scroll down and click +Create a Segment on the right-hand side, then add the filter Latvia WhatsApp Number List Cold subscribers (anyone who hasn’t opened an email in 90 days). Screenshot of ConvertKit Name and save the list, then select them all by clicking the Subscriber checkbox and clicking Select all X subscribers in [list name]. Screenshot of selecting subscribers in ConvertKit Finally, click the Bulk Latvia WhatsApp Number List Actions dropdown and select Export. Screenshot of ConvertKit After a few minutes, you’ll get an email with the exported

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