welcome mat STEP 3: CRAFT YOUR COPY & DESIGN YOUR SQUEEZE PAGE To create your squeeze page: Change the logo to your logo or delete it Nepal Phone Number List altogether. Update your copy to reflect your offer. Change the font and colors to Nepal Phone Number List match your brand. Change the CTA copy. Change the background to an image that works with your brand (or a solid color). To do this, click the background image and press delete on your keyboard. Here’s what mine looks like after doing all the above: Squeeze Page: Screenshot of squeeze Nepal Phone Number List page example STEP 4: FINALIZE DETAILS & LINK YOUR WELCOME MAT TO YOUR EMAIL LIST Once you’ve finished the design,

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simply go through the rest of the form settings Nepal Phone Number List one by one. Set the visibility (I like Smart Mode) and decide what happens when they click your CTA. For example, if your offer is a download, create an email that sends them the download Nepal Phone Number List link. For more help sending a welcome email, check out this guide. Finally, connect your form to your email service. You can either use Sumo as your email service or link it with another Nepal Phone Number List service like SendFox. To link it with Sumo, do not connect with any email service. Simply create the email you want to send within your Sumo account, then select a list you’d like to send the subscribers to. Squeeze Page: Screenshot of steps

Nepal Phone Number List
Nepal Phone Number List

to link welcome mat to email list You can create Nepal Phone Number List new groups if you want to segment your list. And you can email these subscribers directly through your Sumo account. It’s up to you! STEP 5: TEST EVERYTHING! Don’t forget to visit your Nepal Phone Number List squeeze page on a laptop or desktop PC, as well as on a mobile device, to make sure it looks good and is working properly! For more help creating and testing your welcome mat, check out these Nepal Phone Number List help articles: More about Welcome Mat More about running tests WHEN LIFE GIVES YOU ONLINE TRAFFIC, YOU “SQUEEZE” IT Here’s a recap of what we learned: A squeeze page is a simple landing page with the sole

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