because podcasts are audio, but being a guest on Cameroon Phone Number List a popular podcast can drive a ton of email subscribers. You can gain subscribers by creating a high-value content upgrade for the audience. Mention it at the end of the Cameroon Phone Number List interview on the podcast with an easy-to-remember URL to your landing page. Pitch yourself to the popular podcasts in your industry, creating a content upgrade for each. 43. Start a podcast You Cameroon Phone Number List probably listen to podcasts — and maybe you’ve even wanted to be a guest on one. But have you ever considered starting your own? Starting a podcast can be one of the best ways to grow your email list right now.

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Podcasts reach a whole new audience you Cameroon Phone Number List wouldn’t otherwise reach — those who consume content via audio rather than written or visual. To grow your email list with a podcast, include a call to action in your intro and outro Cameroon Phone Number List to join an email list, driving the traffic to a landing page. You can also mention your opt-in offer or content upgrade naturally within your show. Amy Porterfield uses a content upgrade for Cameroon Phone Number List every episode she publishes, creating high value, relevant content upgrades that the listener visits the show notes page to opt in for: How To Build An Email List: Screenshot of Amy Porterfield This drives her listeners to her email list.

Cameroon Phone Number List
Cameroon Phone Number List

44. Guest post on other sites Guest posting is hands Cameroon Phone Number List down one of the best ways to begin to grow your email list. It’s the strategy that almost everyone starts with, for one reason: It works. Grow your email list through guest posting by Cameroon Phone Number List contributing high-quality, highly relevant articles to popular publications and blogs in your industry. Create a content upgrade for every guest post for your author bio to maximize Cameroon Phone Number List the number of emails you can collect. 45. Republish your content Chances are you knew that guest posting was an effective way to grow your email list. And there’s probably a reason you haven’t reaped the guest posting

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