Furthermore Written by Jazmin Garibay international. Furthermore.  Algeria B2B List Marketing digital marketing marketing after. Ridicule and criticism on social networks. As a matter of fact. Finally kim Kardashian achieved what no one else. Influenced president trump. Both Kim and Kourtney Kardashian. Have found in the us capital the second stage after the media. To impact with their influence weeks ago. Kourtney went to the capitol to promote a reform in the fda and ensure that. New regulations are established for the makeup market. Kim Kardashian held a meeting with president Donald trump. To intercede on behalf of alice Marie Johnson. An african-american woman facing life in prison. For a drug charge without violence.

Achieved What No One Else, Influenced President Trump

After ridicule and criticism on social networks.  Algeria B2B List Kim finally achieved what no one else did. He influenced president trump. Trump decided to grant clemency to great-grandmother Johnson. Who is currently serving a life sentence. After learning of his achievement he thanked the us. President through his official social media accounts. Platforms with millions of followers. Furthermore. Kim is finally an influencer with an impressive reach and .Although president trump’s intention was not .To promote his “Positive” side, he is doing it anyway thanks to kim. In the first place. Kim is finally an influencer with an impressive reach and although president.

After Ridicule and Criticism on Social Networks Finally Kim Kardashian

Algeria B2B List

Trump’s intention was not to promote his “Positive side. Algeria B2B List  He is doing it anyway thanks to Kim. To reach the right audience. A business has to make hashtags an integral part of their social media branding strategy. 4. Collaborate with influencers big brands and established. Bloggers have massive loyal followings. It is possible if you collaborate with influencers. As part of your brand strategy in social networks. You can get more public’sIn the first place.  You do have to be careful though. And talk to those whose niches might align with your brand.

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