The digital worldand particularly that. Of social networks continues to have constant growth. Currently the data from the digital around the. World 2018 report by hootsuite and we are social.Reveal that the number of users of social networks stands at 3.1 billion and boasts. An annual growth rate of 13 percent. Due to the above. It is difficult to believe that brands will abandon these spaces soon despite the fact that social networks such as facebook .Make the task of reaching consumers and better connecting. With them more and more complicated. In this sense, it is possible to mention that .Social media marketing continues to be an important task.In fact 92 percent consider it so according. To information from social media examiner. Given this importance, below we share 5 keys, which according to nikhilesh ponde. Strategist and travel marketing expert for.

Facebook are what drive the success of social

Media marketing efforts:focus on people-based marketing. Buy Iceland WhatsApp Numbers  For every company it is essential to know where the audience. Spends their time when they are online. Because there is a disparity between where they. Are and where and how a firm decides to reach them. Brands must put the consumer first and go to the platforms. Where they are to present or differentiate themselves. In a relevant and personalized way. Use the messaging according to the executive. Consumers prefer to do business with brands that are available. On messaging platforms especially the ones they use. As can be understood. For any brand it is essential to have a presence in spaces such as messenger or whatsapp. Or any other application or platform used by consumers. In which they are interested.

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Remarketing campaigns on platforms such as facebook. So that consumers are not the ones looking for your products. But your products are the ones looking for the right people. Work with video just as it is important to reach the consumer on the platforms where. They spend most of their time, nikhilesh ponde. Points out that brands. Must also reach the consumer. In the formats they prefer. Currently video is the. Favorite and continues to consolidate its presence. So you should not hesitate to consider involving it. Get ready for changes finally. It is important that brands are aware that. Changes are now something to be expected.

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