Currently the digital channel internet and social networks. Is one of the most active due. To its ability to reach the user through an innovative. Experience instantly. For different sectors it has positioned. Itself as one of the strongest sectors in the commercial space. Companies that are dedicated to online sales are. Aware of the effect that strategies can have to attract customers. In this way where companies like amazon. The e-commerce giant which after the recen.T acquisition of whole foods. The first thing it announced was that it would reduce prices. Avocados dropped nearly a dollar in price. Along with a few other carefully selected items. What was the impact of this action? A month after the. Price cuts whole foods reported a 25 percent .Increase in customer traffic for implementing the measure.

In this way the company teaches how one of the best

Actions can be carried out to continue attracting. Buy New Zealand WhatsApp Numbers  Customers to the point of sale but at the same time modify. Their actions and behaviors through the digital channel. Although online sales are expected to exceed those in stores. At least in different seasons and in natural products.People still prefer to buy direct. As the online shopping experience advances with technological. Elements, such as ar, vr or dynamic content. The real human experience seems to be becoming obsolete. So the key lies in locating the right way to foster a bette.R experience across both channels. Location more than half of all shoppers. — 63 percent of them. In fact — use apps that require them to share their location. Use this to your advantage.

Whether you have physical stores or are

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Just an e-commerce company, you can take advantage of this. Geographic information to encourage a purchase. It is effective for sending targeted ads with specific and. Creative offers tailored to each region. In case of having an establishment. It works by sending an automatic notification to users when they are within the range of the nearby store. Offline channel as the online retail market becomes more saturated. It will take even more to cut through the noise and. Connect with consumers. Many ecommerce companies report that their bigges. Challenges include personalization. Building a consistent customer experience. And integrating insights across channels. Uniting online and offline efforts can. Help build a more complete view of how and. Where customers are engaging. Attention through proper customer monitoring.

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