In conclusion, The little credibility that the consumer begins to express for these actions. A perception that remains low. Findings from a recent study by splendid communications. Indicate that nearly half of social media users believe brand-influencer. In the light of Partnerships lack authenticity. And that these new-age celebrities work with brands. They don’t. In addition They believe. As well as This has impacts on the reach. And other objectives that brands seek to achieve. With these actions. If we consider that 61 percent of users admit that they have unfollowed. Real influencers finding the voice of influence. In increasingly smaller audience niches is one of the great.

Challenges That Hinders the Correct Development of an Influencer Marketing Strategy

Moreover Forecasts published by statista related to the way. In which brands and companies approach influencers. Depending on the medium.  Afghanistan WhatsApp Number Database  They are located above facebook (29 percent) as the main contact channel. In addition Here is not a single influencer influencer marketing seems to have lost its. Allure as the supply and demand for this type of action has increased. Users on foot are now more aware that these types of actions exist, a situation that. Added to the bad or shady practices in the matter.

End Up Destroying the Trust, Engagement and Affinity That These Types of Efforts Can Generate

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For brands this will mean much more exhaustive searches. for those who can be valuable collaborators for their strategies. an issue that will grow in complexity if one considers that the environment. of “Traditional influencers” seems. to begin a saturation streak. Understanding the different types of influencers will be key. to growing in an environment where everyone wants to dazzle and few succeed.

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