The positioning of web pages is something that today. All brands with a presence in the digital. World must work on. And one of the most effective resources. To achieve this are the fields of search engine optimization. Better known as seo (or search engine optimization). The positioning. Of web pages is something that today. All brands with a presence in the digital. World must work on. And, one of the most effective .Resources to achieve this are the fields of search .Engine optimization better known as seo. (or search engine optimization). Undoubtedly much has to do with the. Fact that digital marketing has become essential. To connect with the public. During 2017 alone.

Revenue from digital advertising

Reached 204 thousand 802 million dollars.  Buy Jordan WhatsApp Numbers  But implementing or designing. A strategy that achieves excellent results in seo is not easy. There is a risk of making mistakes. Here we share 3 keys that experts recommend avoiding so that your strategy fails:avoid investing in cheap seo packages despite the growth of digital marketing. There are still brands that do not give due importance. To their search engine optimization strategies. However according to joshua daniels. Managing director of go amplify in an article published. In search engine journal. This is a serious mistake because investing in seo today. Is probably the most important thing to be competitiv.E and relevant online. It’s all about authority skepticism in seo causes many mistakes.

One of them is thinking that to build a good strategy

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It is enough to investigate keywords and generate. Content based on them. But, james mathewson at business2community. Explains that google doesn’t rank anything based solely .On how well the semantics of the content are. Related a concept that is very important for this and often undervalued is the reputation of a site or domain. And it is that although this is a basic element. It is not always worked and taken care of with the. Effort that it should. It is not about attracting clicks left and right. But about generating authority based on the publication of insightful. Precise or conjunctural information for the target audiences.

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