The technical director of the tricolor.Macau B2B List  Juan carols osorio who said -at a press conference. That he knew about the national team party with everything. And the 30 escortsthe party and the excesses have accompanied. The members of the mexican national team in various competitions. In the last one eight players were captured by tv notas magazine at a party with escorts after the farewell match against Scotland and before traveling to the 2018 world cup in russia. Guillermo Ochoa Jonathan and giovani dos santos Marco Fabián. Carlos Salcedo hector Herrera raúl Jiménez and jesús gallardo. Appear in photographs of the meeting at 10:30 p.M. Last saturday in a house in las lomas in mexico city. For femexfut this event was not a cause for sanction. Since they considered free time, the moment in which it occurred. And some social network users supported the position.

Pointing Out That This Would Not Affect the Tricolor in the World

Juan carlos osorio who said -at a press conference- that he knew about the. National team party with everything and the 30 escorts. Macau B2B List  We were always aware of the meeting. They had been concentrating for 14 days. Now with luck we will have 25 or 30 more. We knew it was important for them to have that time with each other. And it was free timein this senseandrés guardado commented. “I believe that above all we are people and as such. We have the right to do what we want in our free time. We are very calm, focused on the world cup. We have not committed any act of indiscipline.We were not in the concentration”.

Cup in Russia And Neither for the Technical Director of the Tricolor

Macau B2B List

This position of the national team technician refers.Macau B2B List To the operation of a company since in leadership. An osorio strategy can be detected when supporting his team. The leader knows that the best way to create a good working. Environment and show that the leader has respect for. Subordinates is that when something. Goes wrong, he is the one who takes responsibility and later. In private talks with the person who committed the mistake. Failure. Just like that is the case of the selected ones. In addition a characteristic of good leaders is that they listen. To the people below them because they know that they are not infallible. So osorio applied that point first. In addition he knows that a team that is comfortable tends to be more.

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