Being more effective when managing accounting paperwork and activities, you can dedicate yourself to building customer loyalty so that they prefer you over the competition and rate you positively in the online world. Do you want to review other useful tools look here 15 tools for entrepreneurs that will help you start and develop your business Security tips for android devices written by guest author on 26, 2019 in the world of cell phones there are two major contenders ios and android . Googles android occupies more than 88 of the market and its main arguments are a very diverse ecosystem and, above all, absolute dominance in the entry ranges. On the other hand, initially, has offered performance, features and targeted a market.

Applications That Are Not Used

This separation has been left behind for a long time, especially thanks to the high ranges of the main android manufacturers, which have proven to be on a par in performance, functionalities and finishes with apple devices. From this point on, has attempted to differentiate itself by presenting itself as a much safer operating system than android. This statement is quite misleading, since android is a very Illustrator Art Work secure system. So much so that itself has adopted security policies from android. Next, we will explain the reason for this statement and how you can increase the security of your android devices. Android has a reputation for being a more insecure operating system due to having been the target of a greater. Number of attacks and vulnerabilities, but this is not due to a greater insecurity of the operating system.

The dominant operating system

Illustrator Art Work

All mobile devices in the world use android. Whoever is interested in developing malware seeks to affect as many devices as possible and. That is why most of the computer attack efforts are directed at the android world . Fragmentation of the android ecosystem. The enormous diversity of manufacturers and android models are its main source of vulnerabilities. Google only supports android versions higher than DM Databases marshmallow. All lower versions are not supported by this does not mean that the manufacturer offers updates. And this is where the diversity of the android system poses a problem. Many manufacturers do not provide support beyond the first one or two years after the release of. The model and this greatly increases the number of android devices that do not have security updates.

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