Youtube has about a billion users in 88 countries. According to company data from 2017video. Content posts a growth rate between 2017 and 2020 of 14.2 percent. With the market volume forecast to be $49.2 billion globally. According to projected data from statista. It is a format that predicts success in strategies. Which is why youtube is currently so relevant in the world. In mexico alone the platform has a market share. Of 72 percent, according to amipci data. Which places it as the third most consumed platform in the country. Below facebook and whatsapp. Which have 95 and 93 percent. Thus youtube is the most important platform in its. Category and therefore any issue that occurs with it becomes. The protagonist. Especially when it comes to a massive failure . The young ceo.

The precocious taxidermist youtube has

About a billion users in 88 countries.  Buy Mexico WhatsApp Numbers  According to the company’s 2017 data. Videos that fall into the category of ugc. Content are viewed 10 times more than official. Content from any commercial firm. From the official profile of the platform on twitter. They reported we know that youtube is not loading for many of you. We are on it! Meanwhile, the platform appears like this. Youtube-channel-failure youtube. Let us remember that days ago netflix failed and. Some users related its fall to the entry into force of the principle. Of “Network neutrality” . In mexico there are 71.3 million internet users. This is 63.9 percent of the population aged 6 and over and 57.7 percent of the total population.
Working with user-generated content may be what your brand needs to improve its results in several ways, after all, according to medium, up to 92 percent of consumers go to other people for referrals before going to another source for shopping.

Working with user-generated content

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May be what your brand needs to improve its results in several ways. After all according to medium. Up to 92 percent of consumers go to other people. For referrals before going to another source for shopping. This type of content works very well as a kind. Of recommendation from third parties. Something that consumers currently value highly. For example in the case of millennials. According to a study by dm news. Up to 84 percent indicate that seeing the ugc. (for its acronym in english) on a brand’s website has influenced. The purchases they make. As you can seethe content generated by users implies the. Generation of better opportunities, and for this reason.

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