subject line that leaves a small curiosity gap. Estonia WhatsApp Number List It entices customers to open the email to see what it’s about. The headline “You loved it so much, we brought it back” reinforces the desire customers had when they wanted to buy its Estonia WhatsApp Number List pajamas. The lifestyle brand also uses scarcity (Selling fast), urgency (Don’t wait another second), and power words (best sellers and super-soft) in its copy and navigation category (i.e., CTA) to Estonia WhatsApp Number List close the sale. UGG Screenshot of Ugg email Subject Line: Your slides are here Why It Works: Personal goes a long way and UGG knows it. The subject line “Your slides are here” creates excitement and reminds customers that this popular

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product is finally available for purchase. Urgency is Estonia WhatsApp Number List also used here (Get yours before they sell out again). Plus, the photo of the model wearing the slides adds a human element—it tempts customers to buy what she’s wearing. FIREBOX Estonia WhatsApp Number List Screenshot of Firebox email Subject Line: OMG! It’s back in stock. The Crying Unicorn Candle Why It Works: Here’s a cool copywriting tip: speak in your customers’ language. Firebox grabs attention Estonia WhatsApp Number List by using a slang phrase, OMG. Known for its quirky branding and unique niche market (i.e., selling to an “imaginative” audience), the tone of voice used here is on point. What’s particularly interesting is the wide range

Marketing Strategies and Promoting Yourself Online

of categories at the bottom of the email — notice how Estonia WhatsApp Number List there’s something for every customer? Firebox does a great job at tying its restock email with special occasions (e.g., Father’s Day) to reach a wider audience. KAUFMANN MERCANTILE Screenshot of Kaufmann Mercantile email Subject Line: Back In Stock: Japanese Cypress Wood Bath Mat Now Estonia WhatsApp Number List At Kaufmann Mercantile Why It Works: Clarity beats clever. And Kaufmann Mercantile is an excellent example of this approach. Just read the first few lines. It’s direct and clear. It would be Estonia WhatsApp Number List even better if a CTA button is added after the first paragraph (e.g., Buy it now, Get your wood mat today). As you

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