In the first place. Constant updates to remain relevant to users. Seems to be the motto of WhatsApp an instant messaging. Application that signs for this purpose is soon to. Launch a new function within its platform that will allow. Subscribers to send invisible messages. Constant updates to remain relevant to users seems. To be the motto of WhatsApp. Lesotho B2B List an instant messaging application. That signs for this purpose is ready to launch a new function within. Its platform that will allow subscribers to. Send invisible messages according to reports from various media . The peculiar function that is committed to offering greater control. And privacy to users over what they share, operates under a technology. Created by Columbia university called font code. Which allows messages to be hidden inside others. That become visible after the text scree.

The Following Video Explains How This Technology Would Working This Way

Works under the same logic as qi codes. Lesotho B2B List  After scanning the first text. The second message will be delivered to the user.To say nothing of.  Reports indicate that this feature may not be exclusive to WhatsApp. Other spaces such as Facebook and Instagram could adopt it. While for brands it could work as a bridge to create greater. Connections between the physical and digital worlds.  Move considering the importance that privacy now has for users. In the first place.WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook during 2014 for 19 billion dollars. Recall the findings of a study conducted by the. Mobile ecosystem forum me avg technologies and on device research during 2015.

Decode the Message an Additional App Will Have to Be Used That

Lesotho B2B List

Which indicated that more than 50 percent of. To say nothing of. Lesotho B2B List Mobile users worldwide claimed to have removed an. App due to privacy issues and security. Also 34 percent stopped using an app. For the same reason. Currently WhatsApp ranks as the second platform for social interaction. With the largest number of users – more than 1,300 registered users – only below Facebook and of these 53 percent connect more than once a day. According to data published in Statista. Giving these more than one billion subscribers a new option for their. Even more private conversations could be a good. Way to counteract the growth of other platforms such as snapchat.As a matter of fact. Which champions its proposal with ephemeral messages.

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