from you, but less frequently. LIST MAINTENANCE Palau Email Lists Another way to help maintain an engaged list of email subscribers is to conduct regular list maintenance. Here are some things you can do on a quarterly (or even a monthly) basis: CHECK IN WITH INACTIVE SUBSCRIBERS Create a segment of your list that has not opened or engaged with any Palau Email Lists of your emails for a specific period of time, and then send them an email to ask if they still want to Palau Email Lists continue receiving email communication from you. Here’s an example of an email I received from Taylor Welch (Co-Founder of Traffic And Funnels) after not opening any of their emails for a few weeks, asking me to

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confirm that I want to stay subscribed to Palau Email Lists their list: Screenshot of check in with inactive subscribers email from Taylor Welch (Co-Founder of Traffic And Funnels) REMOVE INACTIVE SUBSCRIBERS Regularly removing inactive subscribers Palau Email Lists from your list is a great way to help maintain healthy open rates on your emails. Since some email service providers charge based on list size, pruning your list of inactive subscribers can also help reduce Palau Email Lists your costs, too. 7. SPLIT TEST REGULARLY Conducting split tests with your emails is a great way to gather data on what works best for your email list and/or specific segments of your list. In addition to your

Palau Email Lists
Palau Email Lists

subject lines, here are a few other things you Palau Email Lists can test to help you increase the open rates and click-through rates of your emails: CALL TO ACTION Test different CTAs in your emails, as well as different CTAs for specific segments of your email list. DESIGN Try different design templates, layouts, fonts, colors, text sizes, etc. to see which design gets you the Palau Email Lists best results. SEND TIMES Test different sending times for your emails, as well as sending emails Palau Email Lists based on your subscriber’s local time zone (most email service providers allow you to do this). Here’s an example of a split test I set up using ACTIVE Campaign.

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