For a couple of months. Instagram was testing a feature that would let. Users know when someone took a screenshot. Of one of their stories just like on snapchat. Now the facebook-owned platform has decided .That’s not a good idea. For a couple of months, instagram was testing a. Feature that would let users know when someone took. A screenshot of one of their stories just like on snapchat. Now the facebook-owned platform has decided that’s not a good idea. Much of the success that instagram has had in recent years is due to the fac.T that most of the innovations that it has implemented have been copies of something that snapchat already did. The clearest example is stories. Which are now instagram’s main product. And facebook has also integrated them into other apps such as whatsapp.

A Couple of Months Ago Instagram Revealed

That it was testing a new feature that would show users a. Notification when someone takes a screenshot of one of their stories.  Switzerland WhatsApp Number Marketing Lists   In order to have more control in matters of privacy. On thursday, instagram confirmed to buzzfeed news that it is no longer. Testing the aforementioned feature and that it has been removed. This means that people who take screenshots of the stories will no longer be exposed. Has started. Not only soccer fans are happy about this. As advertisers and companies see in this event an area of. ​​opportunity to be part of the conversation . In this way, a comparison can be made of how the. World cup is played on social networks.

Due to the Penetration That the Use of

Switzerland WhatsApp Number Marketing Lists

Smartphones has had by users. According to a back market. Report reveals that users spend more than 6 hours a day using them. And according to hootsuite reports. 80 percent of the time a mobile device is used is to view and check. Social networks. It is for this reason that the presence in social networks is essential. Fifa estimates 3.5 billion soccer fans worldwide. Basically this market represents half of the world’s population. So if brands know how to adapt to the football landscape. They will undoubtedly see their income increase. Memes, live broadcasts. Use of influencers, everything will be key to acting. Facebook instagram snapchat or even google will create filters and change their interactio.N dynamics to improve the development of users regarding. What their favorite teams do directly on their social profiles.

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