There are tons of Instagram marketing tips for businesses on Instagram that will hopefully increase your following. However, one of the smartest ways is to always use hashtags in your posts. By using hashtags on Instagram posts, you can make individual photos searchable by that specific term. For example, when a user views all posts tagged “#MondayMotivation”, your posts will appear here. Do people like what they see? They may just click to go to your account to learn more. In addition to getting your brand in front of new users, hashtags also make your Instagram posts more engaging to your existing followers. In fact, posts with at least one hashtag had 12.6% higher engagement than posts with no posts. Regarding the optimal.

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That seems like a lot of hashtags, especially when you’re confused about how to come up with hashtags that relate to your brand. Fortunately, you can zero in on it by following a few steps that work best for your business: Find out your competitors: What hashtags are they using in their posts? Check out the Austria Phone Number influencers in your industry : Influencers often lead the way. Do you see certain hashtags appearing over and over? Use Instagram’s search feature: Just type in a keyword and you’ll instantly see hashtags and posts that contain that keyword. Related: Want more advice on how to use Instagram for business? Check out our guide to using the right Instagram hashtags. Step 7: Maximize Engagement Instagram is a social network – the operational word here is social. It is not a platform that continuously broadcasts messages in one direction.


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You need to plan to interact and engage with your followers. What should you do? There are many different ways to get involved, including (but not limited to): Reply to Comments: When someone leaves a friendly note on your post, be sure to write it back! Comment and like other posts: Whether they’re posts from influencers or other businesses in your industry , get out there and actively engage with other accounts. Create branded tags : When users tag their own posts with this term, you will be able to easily find and interact with them. Leverage Instagram Live: Having the ability to answer questions in real time is an incredible feature. Run Instagram Contests:

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