instagram-faqs-instagram-planner 46. ​​What is the best time of day to post on Instagram? If you’ve researched the answers to this question before, you’ve probably come across a lot of conflicting advice. Some places assert that morning is best, while others insist that evening is the time to post. Of course, this may vary based on your own audience. The best thing to do is to follow your analytics and then do some trial and error to find out when your followers are most interested. Your best time to post may be different from someone else’s.

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Can the scheduling tool post directly to Instagram? Yes! Instagram’s is used to restrict third-party apps from posting directly to Instagram. They recently lifted that restriction, which means some Instagram scheduling tools can Netherlands Phone Number now do so. Although, Sked is always able to publish directly. 48. Can you schedule Instagram Stories? Absolutely. With Sked, you can plan not only the photos and videos you want to post to your feed, but also your Instagram Stories. 49. What kind of reports can I get? With Sked, you can easily see how many people are clicking through to your website from your bio.


Additionally, you can export selected data in Sked (anything from the first annotation to an asset URL) to a PDF or CSV file, making it easy to share with other members of your team or organization. You might also like: The Ultimate Guide to Instagram Planning and Planning How to Become an Instagram Influencer the Right Way 50. Should I use Sked? Of course we think so. Want to try it out? Go ahead and register. Become an Instagram guru There, you’ll find answers to all of Instagram’s burning questions. Is there all that’s left to do now?

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