There are so many things you can gain by observing and identifying what successful people in society are doing. You can implement their strategies wherever possible to grow and develop. In this article, I want to focus on some of the biggest brands in the world that are succeeding on Instagram and help you learn some very important lessons you can put into practice to grow your business and your brand. Instagram is a platform that has really grown since its introduction some time ago. And some of the top global brands are using this social platform to share videos and products with many users of this platform. Based on SEO Services Chicago , I would say this is a great strategy for these companies because when the number of channels increases, it’s good to focus on the most relevant.

Channel That Is Used by Many People This Is Important.

To diversify your marketing. Facebook, twitter, and linkedin are actually. The mainstays of social media, but marketers have. Also started to Saudi Arabia Phone number appreciate the huge benefits of instagram. With approximately 400 million active users according to a study by the pew research .Center, the power associated with the use of instagram is enormous. This is enough to explain that it is not just a social media platform. Per se, as you can tell your visual story more effectively. Some of the biggest. Brands in the world that are capitalizing on these advantages are nike. Starbucks, footlocker, disney and publix according to a report by a marketing. Analytics platform – trackmaven. According to the report. Nike had the highest number of subscribers.

Five Times That of Starbucks but the Latter Had the Upper.

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Hand when the engagement rate stats were filed – defined as “The average. Number interactions per post per 1000”. Followers’ in the report. The other three brands, publix, foot locker and disney also posted remarkable. Results: publix was recognized for impressive subscriber growth, registering 30,000. Additional subscribers, walt disney co. Topped the list for video interactions with over 7 million. Identical video interactions, and foot locker was recognized for posting more often.

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