Five fruits and vegetables every day Slow Grinding Vegetable and. Fruit Machine phytochemicals The 579 Rule of Fruits and Vegetables body happiness index. High-speed centrifugal juicer Favorite articles Subscribe to this author Slow life and slow food – eat the most complete nutritional value: Taiwanese love to drink beverages. According to statistics, the frequency of Chinese beverage intake has tripled compared to 10 years ago. Nearly 50% of school children drink one bottle of beverages a day, ranking second in the world after Israel. The intake of sugar-sweetened beverages by adults is also alarming. According to a study by University. Men aged 19-44 drink sugar-sweetened beverages 10 times a week, and women are up to 7 times a week. Unhealthy diet has obviously affected people’s bodies. How to eat to balance delicious taste and nutrition? Watch the full special report.

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Wage Review Committee held a meeting and decided to raise the basic wage by 5.21% to NT$25,250 per month in 2022. Last week, the Executive Yuan also approved the increase plan. Business groups, however, continued to threaten that higher base wages would lead to higher T-Shirt Design Service unemployment. In this article, we will search Taiwan’s historical data and tell you that the intimidation of these business groups is baseless, and their purpose is to prevent workers from getting fairer wages. Higher base wages are not positively correlated with higher unemployment Comparing the basic wage adjustment and unemployment rate in Taiwan over the past 30 years , the situation is not what business groups say.

The Fact is That the Unemployment

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The picture becomes clearer when we analyze trends using moving averages – the chart below plots values ​​based on a five-year moving average to balance the trend in years with zero base pay increases. a Produced by the author You can see that under Lee Teng-hui, Taiwan has the lowest unemployment DM Databases rate despite the highest increase in base wages. Unemployment also rises in years when base wages rise to zero or stagnate. However, under Tsai wen, the base salary was raised again and the unemployment rate began to fall.