Let us not be afraid to dismantle a website and analyze it piece by piece. If we think something can improve the condition of the website, we ask our customers to change it, even if it is difficult and time-consuming. About your clients: What type of companies or companies do you work with the most? Are they individuals with smaller websites or large companies with multiple markets? I would say the majority are definitely large companies, especially large e-commerce sites. But it’s not a rule, my first project at Onely was for a blog. I’m sure you can give me a whole list of answers to this question, but I’ll take the risk… What are the most common problems your customers face? A common problem is the indexing of the site.

And I Often Encounter Problems With the Architecture.

of the site. Even one of my recent projects dealt with this question. What interests me is that it was actually our initiative to adjust it and redo it – the Lithuania Phone number client was initially unaware of the problem. I guess this is further proof that site architecture is an often overlooked issue. So your clients can use your knowledge and experience to improve their websites, and they’re counting on you to tell them what needs fixing, right? But what do you expect from them? Let them implement the changes we recommend (laughs)! And it’s a bigger problem than you might imagine. You are right; I didn’t know it was so common (laughs).

How Often Do Your Recommendations Go Unimplemented.

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Too often, some customers don’t or delay it. I know there can be various reasons for this. Sometimes they just have to rely on the availability of their developers. In many cases, delays occur due to financial constraints but also a lack of motivation. I get the impression that they are not convinced that completing a specific task will be efficient and beneficial for their website. Believe me – it will. SEO is all about practice and action. Without implementations.

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