The FC also come to show me their work. What young talented people lack is persistence and continuity in photographic production. Because Photography is Relatively. Easy Talented Creators Don’t Insist. On Production as Much as Others. With Less Skill and More Ambition. The Aim of the Circle Was and is to Create a Cultured. Photographic Audience and to Support the Work of Its Member Photographers. The Photographers Who Interest Us and Concern Us Are Those Who. Invest Time and Passion in the Cultivation of Their Personal. Photographic Creation and Not Those Who Although Absolutely Respected Do. Not Need Help Because They Treat Photography as. A Leisurely Sunday Holiday Activity.

We emphasize photographic

Education general cultivation art criticism the publication of albums and theoretical books but also exposure and communication with an audience which we help Real Estate Photo Editing to understand and enjoy photography as a creative occupation and art. How much has photography changed in these three decades In essence nothing has changed but in details a lot. The main thing is that people’s over familiarity with photography has taken away the surprise and led to saturation. Also in recent years photographic interest has shifted from capturing the surroundings to exploring personal space. And let’s not forget digital technology that certainly changed photography but above all it affected all aspects of our lives. What are the characteristics of a good download It is not possible to enumerate them but even if they were we would always miss the most important feature which remains rightly elusive.

Real Estate Photo Editing

However we can say that

A good photograph must go beyond what it describes not be a simple impression constitute a new presence which would be impossible and nonexistent without the mediation DM Databases of the photographer and not be exhausted in its first reading. And the good photographer A photographer becomes good when his rejected as not good photos are nevertheless interesting. And he becomes good when his photographs which remain as good constitute a proposal for the world and for the art of photography. Is the art of photography misunderstood . Photography is not misunderstood when it is done to preserve our memories or when it serves an applied form commercial or otherwise. Misunderstanding begins when an attempt is made to beautify the impression or when competition with painting is concealed. Is digital technology a blessing or a curse Neither one nor the other. Digital technology facilitates and opens doors but at the same time requires much more knowledge and judgment because it promotes inflation and lightness. When someone offers you a lot inexpensively and easily you need to know what you need to choose from.

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