Caceres. The image has been taken from  Lithuania Email List-de-la-flor-heehaw-mano-peruana-imageFacebookTwitterShare Collaborative Lithuania Email List writing from a distance Category: Notices Posted By: 45660449 There are no commenting Collaborative writing at a distance Seen: 367 times According to the new learning paradigms, it must be Lithuania Email List collaborative and mobile for it to be optimal. That is, the different teaching activities must not only be carried out in traditional contexts limited in space-time (such as face-to-face classes), but also different Lithuania Email List scenarios must be enabled and the involvement of various types of students must be guaranteed (Medina et al. 2015: 95), for.

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example, belonging to different Lithuania Email List disciplines. Therefore, it should not be surprising that, in the course of university life, group written assignments are assigned, which implies working collaboratively. This, in the academic context, promotes the Lithuania Email List exchange of knowledge and, therefore, the emergence of new knowledge, which is precisely Lithuania Email List what is sought in a university space. According to Gallagher and Kraut (cited in Basa and Ferrari 2017), collaborative writing can be understood as a negotiation in which members of a group discuss the meaning of data to achieve a favorable solution to a problem. There are two basic ways to do it: through.

Lithuania Email List
Lithuania Email List

cooperation and collaboration. On the one hand, Lithuania Email List with the first modality, the students will carry out the tasks individually and, later, they will integrate the partial results in a final product or text. This is also called serial writing by López-Gil and Pedraza (2016). On the other hand, with the second option, the final product will constitute a common task that is built, from the beginning, together with the group. Thus, the latter stands out for the maximization of personal Lithuania Email List potentialities from a genuinely collective work. Now, a pertinent question is how to carry out a task of this type in times of pandemic, in which face-to-face meetings should be.

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