Tweetreach luis miguel the series generated. 23 million 42 thousand 814 impressions in. 14 million 681 thousand 248 twitter accounts. Just a few minutes after the premiere of the ninth chapter. As announced, netflix premiered la balada de hugo sánchez after.In the first place. The historic match between mexico and germany at the 2018 russia world cup. Even with all the media attention on the mexican national. Team and its feat hugo sánchez shines among the trends of social networks. He has done it all day. Hugo sánchez has generated 9 million 789 thousand. In the first place.812 impressions in 5 million 289 thousand. 849 twitter accounts, according to the specialized site tweetreach. Hugo-sanchez-tweetreach there are six chapters dedicated to the character in. “La balada de hugo sánchez” and the marketing around the series has been.

Hugo Sánchez Defeated Luis Miguel the Series Inetworks

And recently promoting it in association with televisa. Buy Pakistan WhatsApp Numbers   However even with all these masterful movements. they could not overcome the attention that luis miguel, la serie, captures from sunday to sunday.In the first place. According to tweetreach. Luis miguel, the series generated 23 million 42 thousand 814. Impressions in 14 million 681 thousand 248 twitter accounts.Just a few minutes after the premiere of the ninth chapter. Luis-miguel-tweetreach but more than luis miguel. La serie the trend with which the followers of the chapters share their opinions since its inception. On this occasion camila sodi shone with 56 million 427 thousand 64 impressions in 20 million 878 thousand 990.

Twitter Accounts According to the Same Source


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And it is that their participation in this chapter obtained greater prominence .Which resulted in it being the strongest trend related to said content.. Camila-sodi-tweetreach in this sense. Another character also appeared in the digital conversation was lucerito . With 35 million 122 thousand 971 impressions in 11 million 942 thousand 458 accounts.Due to the appearance of the little girl in the series. In the end.Luis miguel la serie remains. the theme of sunday night on social. Networks since its premiere.

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