the fold of the confirmation email. Put a CTA Uruguay Email List button for customers to track their order at the top of the email but the order details at the bottom so it’s more likely customers will scroll and click through your email. 6. THE LIGHTLY Uruguay Email List PERSONALIZED THANK YOU CONFIRMATION EMAIL BY SWANKY BADGER Swanky Badger sells cool, unique, personalized gifts for men. They’ve been featured by Buzzfeed and Reader’s Digest. Here’s Uruguay Email List an example of a lightly personalized order confirmation they send out when you make a purchase. THE LIGHTLY PERSONALIZED THANK YOU CONFIRMATION EMAIL BY SWANKY BADGER.

Your Home Business – Network Marketing?

Screenshot from Chase H. Diamond, Boundless Uruguay Email List Labs. It’s super simple compared to the previous examples, but it’s powerful. In line with the personal products they sell, the email is personable and seems like it was manually written by the founder Uruguay Email List himself. Key Takeaway: Write a personalized confirmation email if it makes sense. Hint: it almost always does! 7. THE TESTIMONIALS & CROSS-SELL EMAIL BY NECK HAMMOCK Neck Uruguay Email List Hammock sells two pain-relief products, the Neck Hammock and BetterBack. Their flagship and most popular product is the Neck Hammock. This order confirmation introduces customers to.

Uruguay Email List
Uruguay Email List

their second product. THE TESTIMONIALS & CROSS-SELL Uruguay Email List EMAIL BY NECK HAMMOCK They use social proof in the first sentence (as seen on Shark Tank!) to create credibility. The next section adds social proof in the form of customer Uruguay Email List testimonials. A 5-star rating, a bold headline “No More Pain,” and a thorough use-case review from a customer. Social proof in the form of customer testimonials by Neck Hammock Key Uruguay Email List Takeaway: Use two layers of social proof — a credible source (Shark Tank) and customer testimonials to cross-sell customers. 8. THE MANUAL CONFIRMATION BY HEY DIGITAL Hey Digital is a new agency that is killing it with PPC for SaaS businesses. I clicked the unmissable “GET MY FREE PROPOSAL” CTA on their

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