micro-conversion. From “Follow” buttons Nauru Email List on Instagram, to “Download Now” buttons on content upgrades and “Buy Now” buttons on online stores. When someone clicks a CTA, it’s a micro-conversion. By measuring this micro-conversion, you can test Nauru Email List out a range of messages, colors, offers and more to ensure your CTAs are irresistible to your visitors. HOW TO MEASURE CTA CLICKS To measure CTA clicks, you can use a tool like Crazy Egg or Hojer to create heatmaps to show where people are clicking on your page. Hojer measure CTA Clicks You could Nauru Email List also use a URL shortening tool like Bit.ly to create a link and see the exact number of clicks it has generated. Copywriting-microcopy 8. VISITING YOUR WEBSITE FROM SEARCH RESULTS SEO is a

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great way to drive more traffic to your Nauru Email List website. And every visit generated from search is a micro-conversion. Every search that results in a visit to your website can also boost the chances of other micro-conversions happening like CTA clicks and Nauru Email List email capture. And even if every visit doesn’t result in someone moving further into your funnel, it’s a way to build awareness. HOW TO MEASURE VISITS FROM SEARCH You can measure visits from search Nauru Email List via Google Analytics. Open up Analytics and click ‘Acquisition’, ‘Overview’ and then ‘Organic Search’: set up Google Search Console If you want to dig even deeper into your search data, you can set up.

Nauru Email List
Nauru Email List

Google Search Console to find which keywords Nauru Email List your business is ranking for and how much traffic each is driving. WHICH MICRO-CONVERSIONS WILL YOUR TRACK? Remember: Every customer will go on a journey before they ultimately buy your Nauru Email List product or service. Along that journey there will be many micro-conversions, each providing your business with an opportunity to connect with potential customers and move them closer to your Nauru Email List primary goal. The eight examples I’ve shared today are great starting points for measuring your micro-conversions. But there are plenty more micro-conversions you could measure.

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