my experiences selling on Amazon to provide you Kiribati Email Lists with real-life examples you can emulate. CUSTOMER LIFETIME VALUE WITH REAL STATS FROM MY STORE The best way to illustrate why customer LTV is vital for your ecommerce Kiribati Email Lists success is to reference some actual data. I own Bumblebee Linens, a seven-figure ecommerce store that sells handkerchiefs and linens targeted to the wedding industry. Because most people Kiribati Email Lists don’t get divorced and remarried over and over, I used to think all my customers were one and done. But I was completely wrong. When I ran the numbers for my business, I discovered that repeat customers make.

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up a significant percentage of my overall Kiribati Email Lists revenue! In fact, repeat business is one of the primary reasons for my small-business success. Bumblebee Linens Customers As you can see in the chart above, while only a small fraction (just 12%) of Kiribati Email Lists our customers are repeat customers, they make up over 36% of our total annual revenue. This means 30%-40% of my annual sales are already in the bank at the end of the year without me doing any Kiribati Email Lists work. When I saw this data, I started dedicating additional resources to selling more to existing customers instead of focusing solely on new customer acquisition. As a result, the B2B side of our business has been the largest source of growth for our store. After all, repeat business not only provides peace of.

Kiribati Email Lists
Kiribati Email Lists

mind, but it also allows my revenue to be more Kiribati Email Lists predictable. THE 80/20 RULE OF REPEAT SALES For Bumblebee Lines, roughly one-third of our annual revenue comes from business-to-business (B2B) such as hotels, small airlines, Kiribati Email Lists and event planners. These “regulars” provide a strong foundation for our business and keep it up and running. Every business has some component of B2B sales, no matter how unusual Kiribati Email Lists the product. For example, Neville Medhora used to sell rave equipment over at and discovered that plumbers were buying his fingerless lights in bulk! As a result, when you plan out your

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