special attention to all of your orders. Whenever I Moldova Email List speak to my large customers, I always treat them like a friend; I’ll often engage in small talk, depending on their personality. Relationships matter! Once you’ve had a few phone conversations, you’re wel Moldova Email List l on your way to creating a lifelong customer. Please do not confuse this with cold calling. Your whales already know your business and love your products. In fact, most customers I contact Moldova Email List directly are happy to talk to me! Getting your customers on the phone is also a great opportunity to remind them about your loyalty and referral programs as well! In the end, building a strong

Affiliate Marketing Tactics – 2 Golden Rules of Providing

relationship with your customer is a win-win for Moldova Email List both parties. They get special treatment and you get repeat business. While one on one phone conversations aren’t scalable, they are very effective. After all, even a single repeat whale can drastically Moldova Email List affect your bottom line. The effort is worth it. So don’t be afraid to pick up the phone! STEP 4: FIND NEW HIGH LTV MARKETS Never underestimate the power of Facebook for finding new high LTV markets to pursue. To find buyers who have high purchasing power for your business, you should Moldova Email List create the following “lookalike audiences” on Facebook. Repeat purchasers High LTV customers

Moldova Email List
Moldova Email List

By uploading your customer emails, you can have Moldova Email List Facebook automatically discover new customers who match your profile. Here’s what a few of my lookalike audiences look like from my Facebook ads account. Custom audiences & Lookalike Moldova Email List audiences Once you create your lookalike audiences, you can leverage Facebook ads to Moldova Email List dramatically scale your business. This is how most ecommerce businesses can grow exponentially. STEP 5: OFFER SPECIAL PERKS FOR EXISTING CUSTOMERS One proven way to keep your customers coming back and generating loyalty for your brand is by offering special perks. Here are

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