Academy and the lessons they’ve learned listening Latvia Phone Number List to their podcast over the past 10 years. To hear so many people sing the praises of a podcast, website, or product proves that it must be good. TIPS FOR MASHUP TESTIMONIALS Use audio or v video. Text mashups just look like gigantic blocks of quoted text that nobody wants to read. Audio can Latvia Phone Number List provide the smoothest transitions. Make sure each testimonial is short. The mashup is a longer string of snippets making up a body of testimonials, so keep listeners or viewers interested Latvia Phone Number List by constantly transitioning to a new testimonial. Have the client/customer record the testimonial. The purpose is not

Lead Nurturing – More Than Birthday Cards

to have you read them outloud into a mic or camera Latvia Phone Number List; it’s to get the testimonial from the horse’s mouth. Have a theme. Jeremy and Jason from the Internet Business Mastery podcast presented a theme to their listeners and academy members to Latvia Phone Number List speak on. The Brainy Business used their five-year anniversary as the talking point. Without a central theme, the testimonials will seem disjointed and confusing. 10. Documentary series testimonials Most testimonials show a fairly high-level view of their clients and customers and the results they’ve Latvia Phone Number List achieved. That’s not the case for a documentary series testimonial. Imagine giving your prospects the chance to

Latvia Phone Number List
Latvia Phone Number List

see how someone else has benefitted from using your Latvia Phone Number List product/service. Your prospects can see how it was before and after, and the client’s journey. This also gives a more authentic feel to the testimonial. Here’s a documentary series in Latvia Phone Number List action. In 2016, Bryan Harris of Growth Tools (formerly Videofruit) launched his flagship product, Get 10,000 Subscribers. Unlike most course testimonials, Bryan did something unconventional. He Latvia Phone Number List recorded a three-part documentary series featuring his former students from previous programs. Underrated documentary series testimonial With his camera crew, Bryan visited three of his former students at their homes

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