expensive doesn’t always amount to more Palestine Consumer Email List entries. I once ran a giveaway for a one-year membership of Buffer (before it was well known), worth $100, and only got about 50 entries because the audience of entrepreneurs wasn’t Palestine Consumer Email List dying to get their hands on it. Today, that reward might be the perfect fit for that audience. Alternatively, I got over 1,500 entries from giving away a 12-count of Quest protein bars worth $24.99 Palestine Consumer Email List marketed toward fitness enthusiasts. It’s all about demand and audience fit. 2. MAKE A LIST OF POTENTIAL PARTNER BRANDS Now that you know the prize you’ll offer, it’s time to find other brands to.

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partner with for the giveaway. You’ll want them to Palestine Consumer Email List donate prizes of their own and agree to help promote the giveaway when it’s up and running so you can get in front of their audience. You can use my spreadsheet template if you’d like Palestine Consumer Email List. Here are the criteria for potential partners: They should be “adjacent” brands. Adjacent brands are in your same niche or serve the same target audience but in different ways. They are Palestine Consumer Email List not competitors of yours. For example, if you sell workout supplements to young adults looking to lose weight, you might partner with a brand that sells workout equipment, apparel, or fitness programs. If you partner.

Palestine Consumer Email List
Palestine Consumer Email List

with only one other brand, they should have Palestine Consumer Email List roughly the same audience size as you or be 1-2 tiers bigger at most. Since both brands will both be promoting the giveaway, the pitch is easier if you’re at a similar size because it’s an Palestine Consumer Email List even trade to get equal exposure. If you don’t have much of an audience to leverage, don’t worry, you can still get big results. Identify at least two other brands to partner Palestine Consumer Email List with so you can leverage their audiences against each other. We’ll go through how to communicate that later in this post. The criteria here is that the other 2-3 brands each have relatively large audiences. When making your list of potential.

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