“yes.”) We’ve tested this headline. It gets good open Senegal Email List rates because the message is vague enough to make you want to open versus trying to “sell” in the subject line. Adding the company name in the subject line is basic, best practice Senegal Email List email personalization. BODY We’ve put the contact’s name in the first line of the email as well — more basic personalization. Now here’s where the rest of the email basically writes itself, based Senegal Email List on the research we’ve done. Looking through ’s presence, I noticed that some of your recent ads aren’t getting the right kind of engagement. Specifically, I sawengage, and they didn’t seem like a good.

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lead for you. Based on some analysis from Senegal Email List SimilarWeb, it looks like you’re spending at least on display ads. This is why I’m reaching out. Here, we’ve crystallized a pain that they may not even know they had. By framing how much they’re Senegal Email List spending on ads in this way, we quantify the size of that pain. We then give them the offer. We can task a virtual assistant to pull the data for an exact reference customer. If you could be 100% certain Senegal Email List that only companies like would see your ads, would you be open to experimenting? At this point in the email, we need to introduce ourselves. We do, but keep it short and sweet. Let’s let our results.

Senegal Email List
Senegal Email List

do the talking here. I’m Keith, the CEO of Primer. Senegal Email List Next, we give a reason to act and demonstrate what Primer can do for them. It’s important to note that your potential customer has every reason in the world not to act. We need to provide Senegal Email List an offer that’s compelling enough for them to try our service. CPMs (the price Senegal Email List for a thousand ad impressions) are down 20% – so it’s a good time to experiment. In short, if you spend $2,500 today, you’ll get $7500 worth of exposure. When Rippling(W18) used Primer, they went from a 2% to a 5% demo rate by targeting ads only to specific leads. We close out the email with a strong “yes/no” question that

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