use Mailchimp for their email marketing. So it’s Spain Phone Number List relevant, comes across as personal, and is intriguing enough for the recipient to open. From Chase H. Diamond, Partner at Boundless Labs 18. THE ENCHILADA EMAIL Subject line: on podcasting, business and enchiladas Open rate: 52% Not sure if the Chief Sumo/Taco Lord Noah Spain Phone Number List Kagan would approve of enchiladas. But who doesn’t like enchiladas? This subject line Spain Phone Number List is a human, straightforward way to invite people on your podcast. From Devin McPaul, Founder at CLVR 19. THE TIRE PUMP EMAIL Subject line: We set the stage for to be the talk of

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This is an attention-grabbing subject line with tw o Spain Phone Number List layers of personalization — name and location. It’s highly targeted to prospects who are looking to grow their business. From Joon K. Lee, Founder at Inquivix 20. THE APOLOGETIC INTERRUPTER EMAIL Subject line: Apologies in advance, {FirstName} Open rate: 56% Given that you’re Spain Phone Number List sending a cold email, prospects will see the subject and wonder “Why is a stranger apologizing to me?” It takes what is normally a disadvantage (being an unknown quantity) and turns Spain Phone Number List it into an advantage (you raise the prospect’s curiosity and they open your email). Then it’s down to the rest of

Spain Phone Number List
Spain Phone Number List

your email to entertain and maintain their Spain Phone Number List attention. Add a small element of personalization to this subject line, like {FirstName}, to maximize its potential. From Angelo Sorbello, Founder at Astrogrowth Explanation by Jon Buchan 21. THE I ACKNOWLEDGE YOU EMAIL Subject line: Congrats on {Something Noteworthy} {FirstName} Open rate: 46% I thought the classic ego-bait email (congrats/love your work) was slightly Spain Phone Number List overused. In all honesty, it does sound a little spammy. But apparently, it still works. It Spain Phone Number Listcomes down to two things: timing and relevance. Best used: if you have something relevant and timely to say and try to be

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