interview / sales call / meeting. It went great, you Panama Phone Number List sent an initial email and… nothing comes back. After a couple of days you want to follow up, but at the same time you don’t want to appear like a pushy salesperson who’s desperate to Panama Phone Number List get a reply. Solution: Give it time and think of following up as your responsibility. You don’t want to follow up an email after 2 or 3 hours without receiving a response, but 2-3 days is more than Panama Phone Number List likely fine (no matter who you’re talking to). As a salesperson / interviewee (AKA the person chasing a response or deal from the prospect), you should also view following up as a responsibility of yours — it’s not being pushy, it’s just the

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best practice to help you reach your goal. Would Panama Phone Number List you really want to miss out on a life-changing job or deal because you didn’t want to seem pushy? After all, following up on an email or interview after a few days really isn’t being pushy. 2. YOU FORGET TO FOLLOW UP “Ah no! I meant to reply to that email last week!” It’s happened to us all, right? You Panama Phone Number List send an email and have the best intentions to follow up. Then, days or weeks pass, and suddenly you realize you forgot, and now it’s too late. Solution: Set reminders We’re all busy people Panama Phone Number List and it’s nearly impossible to remember every task you need to do without some help. Every time you send an


Panama Phone Number List
Panama Phone Number List

important email, set a reminder to follow up if you don’t Panama Phone Number List receive a response. Tools like can automate this process for you, or you could set a reminder in your calendar to follow up on your chosen date. Follow-Up Email: Screenshot Panama Phone Number List of to automate the process of following up when no response is received 3. YOU THINK THE PROSPECT WILL REPLY ‘IN THEIR OWN TIME’ One of the most common myths that Panama Phone Number List people fall prey to. It’s easy to tell yourself that if your initial email was — Well researched Concise Clear in its CTA — you’ll get a response and won’t need to follow up. But the reality is people get busy and they forget to

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