based on website pages they’ve Micronesia Email List visited (or not visited) is just one of several ways to divide your list. Here are four ways most email service providers will allow you to create a segment of your list before sending an email: Demographics (age, gender, industry, occupation, etc.) Location (city, state, country, etc.) Interests (content consumed, survey Micronesia Email List responses, etc.) Behavior (pages visited, links clicked, purchases made, etc.) 5. OPTIMIZE YOUR WELCOME EMAIL The first email you send to a new subscriber is probably the most important email you Micronesia Email List will ever send to your list. Your welcome email is the beginning of what is hopefully a long-term and.

Network Marketing – Out With the Old & in With the New

profitable relationship with your subscriber. With an Micronesia Email List average open rate as high as 82%, your welcome email is likely to have a higher open rate than all of your future marketing emails. For that reason alone, it’s important to be extremely intentional Micronesia Email List about what you include in that email.[*] Here are a few tips to help you write a great welcome email: SET EXPECTATIONS For new subscribers to your list, reintroduce yourself or your business. Remind them why they joined your list and let them know what they can expect from future emails (such as email types Micronesia Email List and frequency). Here’s an example of a well-written welcome email I received from Eric Siu (CEO of

Micronesia Email List
Micronesia Email List

Single Grain), immediately after opting in to receive Micronesia Email List one of his free resources. What I like most about this welcome message is that it allows me to segment myself based on my current stage in business, which will help to tailor future emails that Micronesia Email List are sent to me. Screenshot of a well-written welcome email from Eric Siu (CEO of Single Grain) OPEN A LOOP If you have additional emails in your welcome sequence, build anticipation for those Micronesia Email List emails by letting your subscriber know what you’ll be sending them next (more tips, special offers, etc.). Here’s an example of how I opened a loop at the end of an email in one of my email sequences: Screenshot of.

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