friends. Key Takeaways: Every email has a clear UK Email List purpose: one idea/CTA per email. Email journey doesn’t stop at purchase: emails have follow-ups. Emails have consistent voice and design and aren’t text-heavy. 5. THE HIGH ENGAGEMENT ORDER CONFIRMATION BY PERFECT KETO Perfect Keto is one of Noah Kagan’s favorite companies UK Email List based in Austin, Texas. I’ve used some of their products before, and decided to order something during the pandemic for the sake of this article. Here’s the order confirmation I UK Email List received. ORDER CONFIRMATION EMAIL BY PERFECT KETO The email’s branding is consistent, includes a notice

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to warn me of possible delays, and provides me UK Email List with a clear way to track my order. But what Perfect Keto really nails in this order confirmation UK Email List email is the section that encourages you to do five more things: “5 keto things to do while you wait.” Free guide email from Perfect Keto: 5 keto things to do while you wait The list includes a free guide, a UK Email List referral program, a Facebook keto community group, keto recipes to use with their products, and a podcast hosted by the founder. Email Marketing How to start a KETO Diet Instead of showing the order information on the top, Perfect Keto puts it in the last section. Why? Because that’s what.

UK Email List
UK Email List

YOU want to see. So you’re forced to scroll UK Email List through what THEY want you to see. It’s smart because people may open the email, see the confirmation, and close it without reading further. Putting the content Perfect Keto wants you to see on top is UK Email List akin to placing the most engaging content above-the-fold (like you would with a website). Order confirmation by Perfect Keto At the bottom, they’ve placed three links: redirect to shop, subscribe to UK Email List their newsletter (incentivized by a 15% discount off your next order), and access to customer support. Key Takeaways: Include a list of free things for your customers to check out above

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