with good chance of helping move email Iceland WhatsApp Number List subscribers through the funnel to becoming customers. Bonus: Advanced Welcome Email Strategies Want to take your welcome emails to the next level? Watch Ilona explain how AppSumo uses Iceland WhatsApp Number List segmented email workflows based on acquisition source: 2. GETTING STARTED WORKFLOW When a customer signs up to your service or makes a purchase from your store, an email series is Iceland WhatsApp Number List a great way to help them get started and learn how to get the most from their purchase. For example, SEO software makers Ahrefs sends a four-email sequence to welcome new customers. The first email provides new

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customers with an overview of the Ahrefs product and Iceland WhatsApp Number List some guides to help them get started: Screenshot of welcome email from Ahrefs The next two emails share links to some of Ahrefs’ best guides on SEO: Screenshot of email from Ahref These guides often feature the Ahrefs product directly, so act as a reminder of the value the Iceland WhatsApp Number List customers get from it: Screenshot of Ahref And the fourth email directs people to join a private Facebook Group for customers: Screenshot of email from Ahref that directs people to join a Facebook Group for Iceland WhatsApp Number List customers This is a great way to build a sense of community among customers and help people to get the most from your

Iceland WhatsApp Number List
Iceland WhatsApp Number List

product. When creating a “Getting Started” workflow for Iceland WhatsApp Number List your business, think about: The steps a new customer needs to take to find their “Aha” moment with your business (and how you can guide them toward that moment). The first steps Iceland WhatsApp Number List they need to take to get up and running. The point of contact for your support team in case they run into any issues. 3. LEAD-NURTURING WORKFLOW When you capture a new lead, they might Iceland WhatsApp Number List not be ready to make a purchase right away. This is where a lead-nurturing workflow can help. These emails gradually move new leads down your funnel. Initially, they might focus on more middle-of-the-funnel content to help leads

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