When you sit down to create a website architecture, you need to think about your current situation. Are you building a website from scratch, optimizing or redesigning an existing site? If you’re optimizing or redesigning something that’s already live, you need to have clear goals for why you want to change things and what you hope to accomplish. There will be different sources of information in each case, but the workflow is quite similar:Look at your competitors and learn from them Your competitors are websites in your niche that target the same users as you. Unless you have an incredibly unique product, you may have plenty of resources to inspire you. Walk a mile in your user’s shoes, search for products and services similar to yours, and see what you find. Now comes the crucial part.

Take Notes on What You Like and Dislike as a User Browsing.

your competitors’ websites. Consider what you would like to find on your own website. Pay attention to the details: the what, the why, the Slovenia Phone number where, the how, the when:What information do your competitors provide? What language do they use? Why do you think they decided to include this particular information? Why is it useful for users? Where (on the website) do they provide specific types of information? Can you think of a better place for this information? How do they provide the information: images, text, video? A mixture of everything? How was it sorted? How does it help users? When do users.

Encounter a Particular Item During Their Journey Through.

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the site? Go back to your vision and your mission Now that you know what your competitors are doing, go back to your site’s vision and mission. Remember what makes you… you. It will help you define what is important to your business and set priorities for your website architecture. Write down your unique selling point and how you think it should be presented on your website. Remember, you can have as many pages as you want as long as you organize them smartly and in a way that lets users browse content naturally.

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